Wyndham Nankunshan was opened in June 1st,2018

Time:2018-06-02 03:07:25

Wyndham Nankunshan is located at Northeast of  Guangdong,adjacent to Nankunshan.Only one hour away from Guangzhou City,two hours away from Shenzhen City.

The design philosophy of  "luxurious of various comfortable spaces" is reflected in every part of the hotel.Every Spacious room design with a private hot spring pool,it makes you can enjoy the every minute with your friend and your family.

Wyndham Nankunshan features 800 square meters Grand Ballroom(it would be took part as 2 small independent Ballroom),five smaller function rooms ranging from 32-240 square meters and series of medium and small-sized multi-function rooms for your chooses.


  • Guangzhou company:
  • Guangdong city of Guangzhou province Panyu District Panyu Avenue North 383 star Yue Haiyin office building (7 Building) room 1306
  • China Third Party Hotel Management Group Limited:
  • Address: Hongkong Thomson road Wanchai No. 105-111 and 13C commercial building
  • Postal Code:511442
  • Fax:020-3112 3777
  • Email :operation@www.globalreportersvienna.com
  • Tel:86-20 3112 3112 (Guangzhou) 852-2134 9819 (Hong Kong)

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